Nathan Florence

Nathan Florence is a world-class surfer, period. A big wave charger that has proven himself in conditions around the world, few people have the level of courage and skill as Nathan. With high energy and a great attitude, he’s up for any adventure whether it’s traveling for waves or hitting the open ocean on a sailboat. At the same time, Nathan trains hard. He’s no stranger to vicious workouts or cross training with cycling and trail running on the regular.

Born on the North Shore of Oahu with Pipeline in his backyard, Nathan had the right conditions from an early age to take on the world’s heaviest waves. With Waimea just down the street and Jaws (his go-to big wave) only an island hop away, Nathan cut his teeth on waves that most surfers only dream to challenge. Over the years he has picked up accolades for riding them all as well as his overseas rides at Tahiti’s Teahupo’o and Tasmania’s Shipsterns Bluff, aka Cape Fear.

When he’s not in the water, Nathan might be diving into a stack of books. He’s a busy guy with a big brain. Challenge him to a game of chess if you don’t believe us.

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